P.O.Box 13771, Kaifan, 71958, Kuwait
+965 2492 8377 info@albateels.com
Kuwait's Innovation begins here.


Smart & Simple

Whether providing IT Services or supplying products to small and midmarket organizations, we view our focus as creating smart and simple solutions that promote operational harmony to our clients.


Perfect Choice

Al-Bateel is the perfect choice for your business because we offer a broad menu of Communications and information technology and social media services that all point towards one goal, helping your business run smoothly.


Creative Ideas

Based on your business, whether it be big or small, our team will come up with creative ideas and concepts for you to choose.

Innovative Products

Al-Bateel has taken the initiative to bring innovative products to help Kuwaitis and GCC residents get the most out of life. Our products range from new high tech equipment to cooking oil good for your health.

CIT Consulting

Whether it's building custom applications, helping to choose and implement software or Web development, our expert consultants can complement your internal resources, ensuring technology meets your needs.

Social Media

Now, more than ever, businesses big and small are flocking to the internet to take advantage of the latest social media marketing tools. We can help you to set up your accounts and get them working to attract customers.